Welcome to driving school Arvo Ajo


B-class driving license gives you the right to drive any personal car or a van in Finland. We have started now these courses also in English and French languages, while all services are available in both languages and in Finnish.

Total of 19 theory lessons, each 45 minutes in length. All lessons are lectured in english.Theories are lectured normally two lessons every time, starting at 17.00, ending at 19.00 (expect first lesson ends already 18.00). You can start driving lessons after attending the first lesson.


B-course contains minimum of 18 hours of driving lessons. 17 is driven with a normal car and 1 with a driving simulator (Night driving).

Length of a driving lesson is 50 minutes. Driving lessons can normally be booked from teachers on working days between 9-18. Other times are also available upon request.

Driving lessons start normally at driving school but upon request some other location can be arranged also.

Before actual traffic teaching, car handling teaching will be arranged at some quiet location (eg. a parking place). Handling teaching is included in the 18 driving lessons.


After completing all the 19 theory lessons,you will be enrolled to participate in the theory examination at Ajovarma. Exam consists of 10 multiple choice questions and 50 situation shots. If your mother language is not Finnish, Swedish or English, you are able to take the exam without time limits.CLICK this link to activate your practise codes. http://yahom.fi/yahom/test.html


Final test for the whole course is a practical driving exam. You are eligible for the exam when: Theory exam is valid (expires in one year) All 17 driving lessons are completed Driving skills are at a required level

Length of a driving exam is 45 minutes.



Slippery track training is completed normally at the slippery track in Riihimäki. Normally you go to the track about half way in the driving lessons and after you have completed theory lessons B12 and B13.

Slippery track training takes all together about 2-3 hours.


Night driving training is driven with a driving simulator, this can also be done about half way in the driving lessons and after completing theories B12 and B13.

Night driving takes about 1.5 hours in Viikki (Viikintie 3)


You can pay the whole fee at once or in four instalments. All payments must be made before the driving exam date.